Experience the widest variety of prepaid card options

Despite physical similarities, prepaid cards differ in functionality from credit cards. Prepaid cards need funds to be loaded upfront and limit spending to the loaded amount.

Prepaid Card Collection

We offer prepaid card products that
simplify your financial operations

Gift Card

A prepaid gift card is a disposable and non-reloadable card with a pre-determined value. 

With multiple face values ranging from HK $200 to HK $8,000, 33 Finance Prepaid Gift Cards offer maximum flexibility for gift-giving and personal use.

Personal Card

A personal prepaid card is a reloadable prepaid card featuring the cardholder’s name on the card’s front.

With its flexibility and capacity to be topped up with funds, it provides a smooth and user-friendly payment solution for all your transactions.

My Card

Introducing ‘My Card’ – Hong Kong’s first UnionPay prepaid card specifically designed for individuals with visual impairment.

Shopping Mall Gift Card

As Hong Kong’s exclusive shopping mall gift card issuer, we are proud to be the sole provider of this convenient payment solution. Our Shopping Mall Gift Cards allow your loved ones to select gifts of their choice, anytime and anywhere, with face values ranging from HK$200 to HK$8,000.


You have the opportunity to customize your prepaid card, whether it is for personal use or as a gift, by choosing a photo that you love, such as your pet, personal photos, or a scenic shot through 33 Finance.

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