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Why Choose Us

Strong Background

  • Stored Value Facility (SVF0010) licensees granted by HKMA
  • Granted Mastercard Issuing Membership
  • Granted UnionPay Issuing and Online Acquiring Membership
  • Granted American Express Issuing Membership (exclusive in HK)

Industry Pioneer

  • FIRST Private Label Prepaid Card in Hong Kong
  • FIRST Closed-loop Shopping Mall Gift Card
  • FIRST Salary Card for Commission Pay
  • The ONLY American Express prepaid card issuer in Hong Kong

Fund Approval

  • Regulated by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority, 33 Finance ensures fund security. Customer funds are 100% deposited in a HKMA supervised account


33 Finance is a card issuer of the three major international card organizations including Mastercard, UnionPay International and American Express, which offers all-rounded stored value services including card issuing, acquiring and electronic wallet while complying with Hong Kong Monetary Authority financial regulations.

Our team of experts is dedicated to providing exceptional service and assisting you in achieving your business goals.

Prepaid Options

A secure and cost-effective solution for personal and business use

Gift Card

Anonymous and no personal information is required, making it convenient for various purposes and occasions.


Enjoy flexible functionality and the ability to reload your card balance instantly, anytime and anywhere.

CO-Brand Card

Elevate the corporate image while unlocking opportunities for new business models.

Shopping Mall Card

We are the ONLY shopping mall gift card issuer in Hong Kong.

our app

Enjoy clear and straightforward card management functions!

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