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Card Products

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Private Label Gift Card

  • Let your loved one choose their gifts, whatever and whenever they like 
  • Multiple types of value: HK$500-HK$8,000 
  • Exquisitely designed  
  • Customers’ money is strictly protected by 33 Finance with a trust arrangement in Bank of Communications Trustee Limited and regulated by Hong Kong Monetary Authority
Prepaid options

Prepaid card products are designed to provide a secure, cost-effective solution for personal use as well as business use.

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For personal use

There are multiple usage scenarios for personal use with prepaid options.Just load a Mastercard/ Unionpay/American Express prepaid card and pay for everything you need — online shopping, bill payments or everyday purchases. Accepted wherever Mastercard/ Unionpay/American Express is accepted, prepaid cards provide a more convenient and safer way to pay than cash.

New way of gifting
Bill Payment
Online Payment
Everyday Purchases
Shopping worldwide
For company use

33 Finance provides flexible prepaid card solutions for company use that reduce costs, increase convenience and keep employees happy.

Salary pay out / Payroll Service
  • Safe, convenient and reloadable. 33 Finance Prepaid Payroll Cards offer an easy and efficient way to pay employees, as well as greater security and balance recovery for lost or stolen cards.
  • Design a co-brand card with the logo of your company to make your company payroll card unique and impressive.33 Finance prepaid cards provide a useful and innovative way for company use. 
Rewards fulfillment /Employee benefit programme
  • A personalized way to reward and or recognize your employees, increase work motivation and company loyalty.
  • Reduced accounting requirements through enhanced efficiency, save administrative management costs.
  • 33 Finance prepaid cards provide a useful and innovative way to reward employees for achieving milestones or accomplishing goals.
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