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Private Label Gift Card

  • Let your loved ones choose their own gifts, whatever and whenever they like 
  • Multiple types of value: HK$500-HK$8,000 
  • Exquisitely designed, perfect as a gift
  • Customers’ money is strictly protected by 33 Finance with a designated bank and regulated by Hong Kong Monetary Authority
Prepaid options

A secure and cost-effective solution for personal and business use

Card payment
For personal use

33 Finance Prepaid Cards are widely acceptable, it works just like cash but more conveniently and safely. Reload your prepaid card in advance and pay for anything to enjoy this innovative payment method. As an accredited member of American Express(exclusive prepaid card in Hong Kong), Mastercard and UnionPay International, you can use 33 Finance Prepaid Cards in merchants which accept these.

New way of gift giving
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For business use

How can a prepaid card be beneficial to your company?

  • Initiate a co-branded program and customize your own card face. Make it outstanding from generic cards
  • Unique and impressive
Gift card
Perfect gift
  • The most innovative way of gift-giving, suitable as a usual gift-giving, welcome offer and customer point redemption gift
  • Saved your anxiety about choosing a gift and saved your worries about gifting an unwanted gift
  • Added a sense of ritual
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