My Card

Hong Kong’s first prepaid card
tailored for visually impaired individuals

To boost accessibility and autonomy for the visually impaired, My Card was created with the Hong Kong Blind Union. It includes a universal accessible design standard, like adding Braille to the card and sending voice SMS alerts after each transaction on UnionPay and 33 eWallet platforms.

HK $100 Reward

A reward of HK$100 will be given to the initial 1,000 applicants who apply through the Hong Kong Blind Union.

No card fee

For the first 3,000 cards, the card fee will be waived.

2% of your expenses donated

2% of all expenditures will be contributed to the Hong Kong Blind Union.

No monthly card management fee

The monthly card management fee has been waived.

3 years usage

The validity of the card will be extended to three years

No dormant account management fee

The dormant account management fee has been waived.

said “Hong Kong Blind Union thanked the effort 33 Finance and UnionPay put on the MyCard program, MyCard applied universal design for the visually impaired and facilitated the use of digital payment. Hong Kong Blind Union appreciates that the mobile app function achieved the global standard of accessibility and looking forward to seeing more financial institutions enhance financial services provided to the visually impaired through technology.”

Billy Wong
Hong Kong Blind Union President

Mr Chong Chan Yau is delighted to know the first prepaid card for visually impaired, not only achieve accessibility on the product design, also it caters needs from different people. He emphasized “fulfilling accessibility is “the most basic element” for people who are in needed. Design product from the perspective of people who are in needed, fulfill social responsibility and make it better.

Chong Chan Yau
Hong Kong Blind Union former President

Behind the MyCard program

Hong Kong Blind Union

The program endorsed by the Hong Kong Blind Union, the first self-help group organized and managed by individuals with visual impairments, will donate 2% of each dollar spent on MyCard to support its mission and vision for the benefit of people with visual impairments in Hong Kong.

UnionPay International Hong Kong Branch

UnionPay International Hong Kong Branch is the card association of this program with full support, with its widely accepted payment network. MyCard can be used at 150,000+ merchants in Hong Kong. Cardholders can enjoy exclusive promotions offered by UnionPay.

33 Finance Services Limited

As an SVF Licensee (SVF0010), we have launched the first prepaid card program specifically for the visually impaired in Hong Kong. With this program, our goal is to make a positive impact on society by offering prepaid cards with a simple application process, personalized card designs, 33 eWallet, and website accessibility features tailored to the needs of the visually impaired.

Goldpac Group Limited

MyCard is produced by Goldpac Group Limited featuring "MY CARD" Braille on the card face and transparent triangle embossment to guide the direction of the card for ATM withdrawal and balance inquiry functions.

Together, we can make a positive impact on the world.

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