• Q.01
    • What is 373 MasterCard? Any issue charge?
    • Ans.
    • A.01
    • 373 MasterCard is an International MasterCard authorized, world-widely used Hong Kong dollar Prepaid card, suitably by more than 7 million establishments which accept payment via MasterCard. The card fee is HKD 30.00/EUR 4( for Euro Card only ).
    • Q.02
    • Who can purchase 373 33 Finance MasterCcard Perpaid Personal Card?
    • Ans.
    • A.02
    • Cardholders must be aged 16 or above with ID proof and valid residential address proof of the last 3 months.
    • Q.03
    • Does 373 MasterCard have any pre-set account limit?
    • Ans.
    • A.03
    • Pre-set account limit of 373 MasterCard is HKD 500/EUR 50( for Euro Card only ) to 75,000/EUR 7500( for Euro Card only ).
    • Q.04
    • Is 373 MasterCard card reloadable?
    • Ans.
    • A.04
    • Yes. Only applicable to 373 MasterCard personal card.
    • Q.05
    • How to reload value of 373 MasterCard?
    • Ans.
    • A.05
    • You can reload the card through the following ways:
      1) Visit our office and reload by cash
      2) Transfer your payment through ATM, or bank in by cheque to the following bank accounts:
      Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Asia) Limited
      China Construction Bank (Asia) Corporation Limited
      3) Reload in Circle K Convenience Stores by cash (in a maximum of HKD5000 per transaction)
    • Q.06
    • What is the minimum and maximum amount of each reloading transaction?
    • Ans.
    • A.06
    • The reload value is from minimum HKD500/EUR 50( for Euro Card only ) to maximum HKD$75,000/EUR 7,500 ( for Euro Card only ), HKD100/EUR 10 ( for Euro Card only ) as value add unit. Please visit www.33finance.com for the details of the reload handling fee.
    • Q.07
    • Can I transfer the ownership of 373 MasterCard?
    • Ans.
    • A.07
    • 373 MasterCard Prepaid Gift Card can be transferred after purchasing, but only before sign at the back of the card.
    • Q.08
    • Where can I use my 373 MasterCard?
    • Ans.
    • A.08
    • 373 MasterCard can be used at any merchant that accept MasterCard for payment purpose.
    • Q.09
    • Can I withdraw cash from 373 MasterCard?
    • Ans.
    • A.09
    • Yes, 373 MasterCard personal card has cash withdrawal function.
    • Q.10
    • Can I use 373 MasterCard to settle online payment?
    • Ans.
    • A.10
    • Yes, 373 MasterCard can be used for online payment. However, you have to enter 3 digits security code for all transaction.
    • Q.11
    • Does any expiry date of 373 MasterCard?
    • Ans.
    • A.11
    • The 373 MasterCard is valid for 12 or 24 months from the date of purchase.
    • Q.12
    • How to activate my 373 MasterCard?
    • Ans.
    • A.12
    • You can activate by the following ways:
      1. Call our customer service hotline (852) 3900 9888.
      2. Login www.33finance.com or our mobile APP.
      3. Seek for assistance from our branch officer and service provider staff.

      Method: Login with your 16-digit card number and initial PIN printed on the back of the card to complete the activation process.

    • Q.13
    • When should I sign on the 373 MasterCard?
    • Ans.
    • A.13
    • After receiving the card, please sign your name with an inerasable pen immediately.
    • Q.14
    • Can I use 373 MasterCard for payment in overseas?
    • Ans.
    • A.14
    • Yes. 373 MasterCard can be used for any purchase with merchants displaying the MasterCard logo. The currency of the 373 MasterCard is in Hong Kong dollar. Card transactions in any currencies other than HKD which are debited to your account, will be convert to related currency on the liquidation date at the rate determined by MasterCard.
    • Q.15
    • Is there any monthly statement providing?
    • Ans.
    • A.15
    • No.
    • Q.16
    • How to check my balance of 373 MasterCard?
    • Ans.
    • A.16
    • Cardholders can check their account balance by the following ways:
      via login to www.33finance.com, our mobile APP or call our customer service hotline (852) 3900 9888 for free enquiry;
      via ATM, with a service charge of HKD 5/EUR 1( for Euro Card only ). Please note that the account balance will be shown in HKD.
    • Q.17
    • If MasterCard (Prepaid Card) is lost, stolen or jam in ATM, can I reissue the card?
    • Ans.
    • A.17
    • Yes.
    • Q.18
    • How to change 373 MasterCard initial PIN and account verification code?
    • Ans.
    • A.18
    • Cardholder can call to our customers voice service system of 33 Financial Services Limited; or login to Mobile app; or login to www.33finance.com to change the password.
    • Q.19
    • What if I forget my 373 MasterCard password?
    • Ans.
    • A.19
    • After the card is activated, re-set password is not applicable. Cardholder / Card users can bring along with the card to 33 Financial Services Limited office or service provider office to reissue card. Cardholders have to complete with “replacement application form” with cardholder information for record, the handling charge is HKD 80/EUR 8( for Euro Card only ).
    • Q.20
    • If 373 MasterCard errors occur and cannot be used properly, will a new card be re-issue?
    • Ans.
    • A.20
    • Return the error card to our office or service provider for cancellation process, a new card can be re-issue and free of service charge.
    • Q.21
    • If 373 MasterCard is damaged, will a new card be re-issue?
    • Ans.
    • A.21
    • Yes, but only if the card is still in Valid Date. If there are any damage in personal reason, HKD 80/EUR 8 ( for Euro Card only ) will be charged for re-issue service charge and the client must return the broken card.
    • Q.22
    • Any other charges for 373 MasterCard?
    • Ans.
    • A.22
    • Please refer to Charges table on www.33finance.com.
    • Q.23
    • Which payment method to purchase a new Pre-paid card?
    • Ans.
    • A.23
    • For both personal and gift card, you can:
      1. Visit our office and purchase by cash
      2. Transfer your payment through ATM, or bank in by cheque to the following bank accounts then visit our office to get the card.
        Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited
        China Construction Bank (Asia) Corporation Limited
      3. Visit Circle K Convenience Stores to purchase by cash (gift card only)