Cardholder Services
    • User guides
      1. No additional receipt will be issued from the merchant. The printed receipt with the merchant logo from the terminal is regarded as the proof of purchase.
      2. The Personal Card is valid for two years. The monthly account management fee will be waived for the first 12 months. An account management fee of HK$10 (for HKD Card) / EUR1 (for EUR Card) per month will be charged from the 13th month after the Card is issued. The expired Personal Card will be deactivated automatically. For expired Personal Card, an account management fee of HK$50 (for HKD Card) / EUR5 (for EUR Card) per month will be charged until there is no value remains on the Card. Should Cardholder wants to continue to use the Card after the expiry date, please come to the designated offices of 33 Financial Services to purchase a new replacement card with minimum value of HK$500 (for HKD Card) / EUR50 (for EUR Card) and transfer the remaining balance in the expired card to the new Card. A handling fee of HK$80 (for HKD Card) / EUR8 (for EUR Card) per new card will be charged.
      3. The Gift Card is not for cash withdrawal. The value of two or more Gift Cards cannot be combined. If the Gift Card is lost or stolen, it will not be replaced and the remaining balance is not refundable.
      4. Please prevent any damage and keep the card clean and protected.
    • Cardholders’ notes
      1. The expiration date on the card face is in the format of “month/ year”.For example, “08/18” means the card is valid until 31/8/2018. 1-year or 2-year card expiration date calculation is based on card account activation date.
      2. The PIN is on the back of the card. To change the PIN, please call 33 Financial Services Limited Hong Kong Customer Service Hotline at (852) 3900 9888, login our mobile APP or visit website at
      3. The value of the card is issued in units of HK$200 to HK$5,000 for Gift Card, and HK$500 to HK$75,000 for Personal Card respectively.
    • Reminder
      1. Card holders must check their card number and the amount after the spending, carefully, to avoid unnecessary losses.
      2. The company shall not be responsible for any refusal of a merchant to accept the prepaid card for payment in respect of any transaction. Under no circumstances shall we be responsible for handling any disputes or any other matter in relation to any transaction. These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (“Hong Kong”).