Co-branded Card

  • Today’s consumers look for products and services that simplify their lives and express their individuality. A Co-brand partnership is designed to strengthen the bond with your customers. It can increase loyalty, attract new customers, lower your acquisition costs and help keep your business top-of-mind.

    Specially designed Co-branded card with your corporate/merchant identity and MasterCard brand. You can offer additional discounts on purchase and even allow charitable donations while enriching and enhancing your corporate image!

  • (1) You can purchase or withdraw cash anywhere in the world through shops or ATMs bearing the MasterCard logo with 373 Co-branded MasterCard Prepaid Cards.
    (2) Safe and convenient: The smart magnetic stripe or EMV 373 MasterCard prepaid card has advanced financial security standards. You simply have to enter a personal password, then the confirm key for easy shopping with the card.

    Cardholder’s benefits:
    (1) Enjoy exclusive offers and privilege to join our seasonal promotions.
    (2) Become a subscribing member and you will be the first to receive all the latest news from the co-branded organization!
    (3) By joining the rewards program, members can earn and accumulate cash points to redeem desired gifts.

    Merchant Benefits:
    (1) It can increase loyalty, while attract promising new customers and enhance bottom line profitability of the merchants.
    (2) The most economical, most direct and most effective new way of advertising.
    (3) Innovative and practical sales model that enhance the clients’ sense of belonging